“The real problem is not that we are different, nor that we disagree and have conflict. It's that most of us automatically view conflict as something negative rather than as a tool God can use to help us better understand ourselves and one another.

--Robert Ricciardelli”

Thursday, May 03, 2007

05/03 Morning Report

How far will the reaction to Don Imus’ recent troubles really go? Would you believe to the point of refusing to play “hip-hop” music? That probably wouldn’t be such a big thing except the company that made the decision owns a hip-hop radio station!

Less than a week after Imus's firing, Roberts Broadcasting Company, owners of TV station WRBJ Channel 35 and hip-hop radio station WRBJ-FM in Jackson, Mississippi, sent out an internal memo banning its radio station and other broadcast operations from playing music with lyrics "degrading women and other members of our community."
(…makes you wonder what the liberals will do in response, though…doesn’t it?...)

In other media news, the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists ranks Russia as 3rd worst among 10 countries for journalistic freedom. At least 12 journalists have been killed there in the last 5 years. The State Department ranks Russia right along side Afghanistan in terms of media freedom.
(…but it does make you wonder why there was the huge fuss over TWO journalist incidents involving US troops in combat…apparently the MSM doesn’t care so much about their brethren in foreign lands…)

Meanwhile, in other Middle east news, the US reported today that it had al Quaeda’s Iraq “information minister”. Unfortunately…
Gen Caldwell said he could not confirm Iraqi statements that other top militants, including the country's al-Qaeda head, had also died this week.
Either way, it seems there is ever more evidence that General Petraeus’ plan seems to be working.
(…I wonder what the Democrats will do about a timetable now…)

In something “kind of” related to the Virginia Tech shootings—or young adult deaths in general really—the Feds are making a REQUEST of drug manufacturers. Personally, I find that kind of unnerving. These drugs can change our thinking patterns enough that we may get suicidal or homicidal, and never know it. But, we are only to ask manufacturers to maybe, kind of sort of, put a small note on the packaging to let people know. More effort goes into making people believe that Bush is responsible for all the ills of the world!
(…hey!...if we say Bush did it, do you think the lefties would get upset enough to get involved on this?...hhhmmmm…that may actually be more frightening…)

Finally, there was this sad announcement a couple days ago, in the Dallas Morning News:
COLLEGE STATION, Texas – A 24-year-old soldier from Texas was among three Fort Benning soldiers killed in Iraq on Saturday, military officials said Tuesday.

Army Sgt. Glenn D. Hicks Jr., of College Station, was killed in Salman Pak when the soldiers' vehicle was struck with an improvised explosive device and small arms fire, the Department of Defense said.

Also killed were Pfc. Jay-D H. Ornsby-Adkins, 21, of Ione, Calif., and Pvt. Cole E. Spencer, 21, of Gays, Ill.

The three were assigned to the 1st Battalion, 15th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, Fort Benning, Ga.
At our house we remember your cry—the cry of all warriors:
"Tell them of us and say,
For their tomorrow, we gave our today."
--The Kohima Epitaph--
Sgt. Hicks, Pfc. Ornsby-Adkins, and Pfc. Spencer, at our house, we remember what you have given. And we say thank you for the tomorrows you have given others. May God give back to your families more than they have sacrificed and lost.

And, now, we dance In Memoriam.