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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

04/10 Hockey Notes

OK…The Playoffs are here! And, what better way to start them off than good old Eddie Belfour in trouble again.
(…reminds me of the beginning of his end in Dallas…wonder how long Jacque Martin will keep him around after this…)

Well, back to the subject at hand. ESPN has their breakdown on the match-ups. If you’re interested, here is their pole on how you think the teams will do. Not to be left out in the cold, Sports Illustrated has their playoff power rankings.

And, for no particular reason, other than I just want to sound off, here is my take on the first round.

Eastern Conference

Sabers/Islanders: Sabers (…duh…), probably in five games.
Devils/Lightning; I think the Lightning will take this one in a long series.
Thrashers/Rangers: I have no idea. But, I doubt whoever survives will make it through the second round. I would like to see Atlanta win it, though
Senators/Penguins: I suspect this one is a toss up. Personally, I’m hoping for Pittsburgh. And, I think it will be decided in seven games.

Western Conference

Red Wings/ Flames: They both came into the playoffs kind of flat. I think this will go seven—probably to the Flames.
Ducks/Wild: This is a tough call. But, I think Anaheim will take this in six or seven games.
Canucks/Stars: If Dallas gets healthy, they could win it…otherwise, Canucks have it. (…either way it should look like a Dallas/Edmonton series…)
Predators/Sharks: I think Nashville will take it, but it could go either way.

My personal opinion on who takes the Conferences?

In the East:

Buffalo beats Tampa (…handily…) while Pittsburgh beats the other winner. Then, Buffalo trounces the Penguins for the East.

In the West:

Calgary loses to Vancouver, and whoever wins the Ducks/Nashville series takes the West.

And, the Cup winner for 2007?

Buffalo Sabers

By the way…for the record…I really don’t care if I’m right or wrong. The second season is under way, and that’s what really matters.