“The real problem is not that we are different, nor that we disagree and have conflict. It's that most of us automatically view conflict as something negative rather than as a tool God can use to help us better understand ourselves and one another.

--Robert Ricciardelli”

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Make No Mistake

Make no mistake. The Liberal left is making sure it’s voice is heard, and it’s efforts to control America’s destiny are very organized. A recent Media Research Center details how the MSM gives almost twice as much coverage to Liberal candidates as conservative ones. Of course the MSM still denies there is any bias report. Meanwhile, as American Thinker clearly shows, demonstrations against the war are well organized and scheduled for maximum impact via the media. Even inoxious companies are involved in shaping and defining the opinions of Americans to this agenda.

Let’s take a small example. There is an organization, called Digital Divide Network. It has some very lofty goals, some of them I even agree with. The mission statement says:

The Digital Divide Network was launched in December 1999 as a response to the National Digital Divide Summit hosted by U.S. President Bill Clinton. Originally developed by the Benton Foundation and the National Urban League, DDN was designed as an online clearinghouse of news and resources regarding the digital divide.
Clearly, the support for this organization is left wing. Additionally, if you go to the Founding editor’s blog, specifically the entry on July 24, 2007, you will discover he is a fan/supporter of Michael Moore. Now, if someone managed to get you into the internet age when you could not do it for yourself, would that influence your decisions? Sure.

The Left is very good at making people believe the Right is doing this to keep people down. How many news reports have we seen about the rich getting more breaks than the poor? The truth is the rich get back the same proportion as the poor, it’s just a higher amount because they paid more. Though overplayed, it has born much fruit. Many on the right are hesitant to seek tax cuts these days. The facts, as revealed in this article are much different. Not to mention there are also the recent news reports of decreasing budget deficits, though these are often short and never dwelt on by the media.

Meanwhile, there is Blogdom. The Right has some strong voices. The power of isolated voices is well known. A lone blogger managed to stop a speech by pro-abortion anne Lamott. But, even with the likes of Michelle malkin and Instapundit, the Left still out performs the Right on the internet. Specialty groups such as Milbloggers are a wonderful thing. But, they cater to a specific audience. Many times, we have to hunt to find them, or know someone else that does. There is a decided lack of prominence.

Meanwhile, Daily Kos has much stronger organization than anything on the right. There is even a concerted effort to boost readership on leftwing blogs that are fading. Several news reports from last fall showed the left out fund raising the right using the internet. Meanwhile, Google, Blogger, Technorati and several other major forces in the internet world are all power players among the Liberal Left.

There are other ares where the Left is outperforming the Right, too. As I reported back in October 2006, the left is out fund raising the right. The New York Times even reported a plan to Manipulate Google data.

The short and sad truth is the right being out voiced. I think the reason is fragmentation. There are hundreds of right wing bloggers and blogrolls. But, there is no real united voice. On the internet, the Right needs something along the lines of Kos. The only way conservatives can regain their position in shaping American opinion is to gain that united voice.