“The real problem is not that we are different, nor that we disagree and have conflict. It's that most of us automatically view conflict as something negative rather than as a tool God can use to help us better understand ourselves and one another.

--Robert Ricciardelli”

Monday, February 19, 2007

02/19 Hockey Notes

Good news for the Rangers. Shanahan is OK. Being taken out of a game, on a back board, with a neck brace, was not an encouraging sign for team’s leading goal scorer (28). But, an hour later, he was released from the hospital. He even made a locker room appearance prior to today’s game!
(…now that’s team spirit…one reason he is one of the greater players…)

And, much to my surprise, someone actually gambled on putting Forsberg in their lineup! I’m not surprised the Flyers let him go. He wasn’t producing. He was barely playing, due to foot problems. What surprises me is a team doing as well as Nashville was willing to take the risk. Of course, then the Wild spoiled his debut with the team.

Meanwhile, the NHL will exhibition in London next year. Well, it could be worse…it was Tokyo last year. But, seriously, if you can’t fill the seats in the States (or Canada for that matter), why bother going after an audience halfway around the world. Global marketing is one thing. But, successful marketing somewhere has to come first. And, the NHL is losing its primary markets.

In sad news for the league, scuttling reports (hopeful ones, too) of his retirement, Bettman says he’s staying as commissioner. Unfortunately, barring something probably supernatural, he will remain until his contract expires in 2010-2011.

And, last time, it was McShane for his remarks while coaching. Now, the Edmonton Sun reports that Oilers minor league goalie, Jeff Deslauriers, IN Wilkes-Barre, has also been tagged for abuse of an official. It’s good to see officials finally toughening up on that in the minors. That’s usually a sign it will filter even farther down.
(…now if they’ll just finish dealing with the clutch and grab thing…)