“The real problem is not that we are different, nor that we disagree and have conflict. It's that most of us automatically view conflict as something negative rather than as a tool God can use to help us better understand ourselves and one another.

--Robert Ricciardelli”

Friday, January 12, 2007

01/12 Morning Report

The US couldn’t do it. The UN couldn’t do it. But, apparently, the reestablished Somali government thinks it can. It seems the Somali warlords have agreed to disarm. Still, after 13 attempts since 1991, we’ll just have to see how this one holds up. There is a lot going against it—large amounts of military weapons and Islamic fighters just to name two big ones.

One by one, American allies in the GWOT are sidestepping. Pakistan is now upset about Negroponte’s remarks on al-Qaeda operations there. Despite admissions that al-Qaeda operatives and leaders are operating along the border, Pakistan is taking issue with claims by the US that actual leadership elements are operating there as well. Specifically, the issue is where the “center of operations” lies.
(…does it really matter…if the operatives and leaders are in the area, go get them…seems pretty easy to me…)

Given today’s attack on the US embassy in Greece, I thought this was an interesting article. There was also this on terrorist actions in Greece.
(…it’s good to know your history…)

Meanwhile, another terroristic regime is back in the news. It seems the North Koreans are in the market for rabbits. A German breeder of a 23 lb rabbit has been contacted in hopes of bringing some relief to the food shortage.
(…I don’t know about you…but a rabbit the size of a dog kind of worries me…)

And, at home, the Democrats got their first agenda item passed in the House. Embryonic stem cell reserach passed by a vote of 253 to 174.

"Today, by passing legislation to expand stem cell research, the House gave voice to the hopes of more than 100 million Americans and their families," said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
Pelosi and the rest of them need to examine some facts. NO cures—zero, zilch nada—have been developed from embryonic stem cells. All cures have come from adult cells. The hope offered here is a false hope.
(…something the Democrats are pretty good at offering…)

In other medical news, Right Wing and Right Minded has this report…well several reports really…on “universal health care.” There really isn’t all that much new in it, just more recent headlines on the problems with it. In light of Ted Kennedy’s recent proposals and Sir Hillary’s previous attempts, we Americans need to be very aware of what’s really involved in this socialist pogram…uummm…program

And, in news only a Democrat could instigate, Beware of the Klingons! I loved the original post and video over at Hot Air. But, Beth had the best commentary.

I don’t buy into everything that Freepers espouse. But, I think I can back them on this one. There is a concerted liberal effort being organized to place limits on what conservatives can and cannot say. It matters not, as usual, that liberal speakers and groups can use these same tactics without consequence. It only matters that conservatives should not be allowed to do so.
(…in a continuing reminder of Who Really Controls The Internet, CW4Bill at the Castle notes:
The Lefties have opened with a BlogSwarm and the Right is countering with a FaxSwarm.
The Left is far more organized on the net than the Right. My thought is that,, unless that changes, the Right will lose big in 2008…)