“The real problem is not that we are different, nor that we disagree and have conflict. It's that most of us automatically view conflict as something negative rather than as a tool God can use to help us better understand ourselves and one another.

--Robert Ricciardelli”

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

01/31 Morning Report

Consumer spending is still driving the economy up. The Democrats and leftists will probably want to claim it’s because of the changes in Congressional leadership. However, even allowing for it to have radically affected the fourth quarter, that doesn’t account for an increased GDP for the entire year. Nor does it account for the deficit decreases for the last two quarters.
(…and they say trickle down economics doesn’t work…it just takes longer than our short term attention spans want to tolerate…)

“Cheney did this.” “Rove did that.” And, in the end, Miller can’t remember who the source was for the Plame leak. )…can I be not surprised?...Oh! But I forgot! Didn’t someone else already admit to spilling the beans before folks at the White House?...)

California strikes again! In a new energy conservation measure, Democrats are going to ban traditional incandescent light bulbs!
(…don’t get me wrong…energy conservation is a good thing…but isn’t there better “low hanging fruit” to go after…)

Speaking of Left Wing insanity, did anyone see this?

This was the cover of "D Magazine", Dallas's premier magazine about the area. With Texas on the front lines of ILLEGAL immigration troubles, this headline is incredibly disturbing--to say the least. You should probably go read the whole article.

Speaking of Left Wing political moves, Chavez upped his. As expected, the rubber stamp assembly in Venezuela has approved new powers that will allow Chavez to “transform the country.” With the government merely fronting for a more and more dictatorial power structure, he has been given near-total legislative control for 18 months.

Mr Chavez has said the legislation will transform the country into a socialist society. Opponents describe the new law as an abuse of power….According to the so-called enabling law, the president can remake laws for "the construction of a new, sustainable economic and social model" to achieve an equal distribution of wealth.
Yes, indeed. Chavez has solidified his control
(…can you imagine what would happen if a US president tried to do this?...no matter what the lDems say about Bush, no Republicans in this country aren’t this bad…)

Meanwhile, in Iraq, Admiral Fallon reiterated statements of others in the past about Iraq’s future.
"The likelihood that Iraq is suddenly going to turn into something that looks close to what we enjoy here in this country is going to be a long time coming," he said.
From the beginning, Bush said it would be a long War on Terror. Numerous officials have said it would be years before Iraq could stand on its own. These are not new assertions, or sudden turns of event against the administration—as some MSM outlets would have us believe.
(…but watch how these statements will be portrayed…and opinion shaped…the left complains about government abuses…who’s watching the media?...)