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--Robert Ricciardelli”

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Hockey Thoughts

Well, given my distaste for this year’s All-Star Game, I loved this write up.

Meanwhile, Bettman is saying the NHL needs to ”complete the experiment” with the current schedule format. But, personally, I agree with Scott Burnside. It shows a serious lack of direction. I would go even farther and say it shows a serious lack of decision making. It’s certainly not going to do anything to solve the attendance problems going on league wide.
(…but what would you expect from the guys that Forbes named among the worst managers in the country back in 2005…)

So, what is Forsberg going to do? There are a lot of options on the surface. Playing for the worst team in the league—by a huge margin—has got to be tough for the 10 year veteran. But, with him trying to get through his foot problems, and salary issues in the league. Can he find a new home? Given his performance so far this year…I doubt it.

After getting his lawsuit dismissed for venue issues by US District Court, an inquiry is being done on Saskin’s hiring to lead the NHLPA. The problem? It’s being reviewed and investigated by the Chelios group’s lawyer.

One player close to the Chelios group said the ultimate goal of the review was not to unseat Saskin, but to restore a bottom-up decision-making process to the union which some think began to erode in the late 1990s under Goodenow's leadership.
Is that believable? Well, since they have forced another vote and filed more legal papers…I would have to say I doubt this too.

And, once again, here are the lists of inuries from The Hockey News. Here is the Eastern Conference. And, here is the Western Conference.

What talent is available for the discriminating shopper? Here is an interesting read on who’s worth the bucks.