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--Robert Ricciardelli”

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Latest From Michael Yon

I know it’s been out for about a week, but I thought I would comment briefly on Michael Yon’s Walking The Line 2007 Part 2. I have read a lot about Iraq from many sources. Most of it is little more than political hash and has nothing to do with reality. I think Michael has the best statement on how the media covers things:

This does not look like a big or intense war to people at home. It doesn’t look like that because we have so few troops actually in combat. But for those who are truly fighting, this is a brutal death match where every mistake can get them killed, or make worldwide headlines. Yet when the enemy drills out eyes or tortures people with acid, it never resonates.
The thing I like about Yon’s writing is his focus is not on what is right or wrong for Americans. In fact, he correctly noted the downward spiral of the sectarian violence before the MSM was commenting on it. But, he has always been about revealing the resolve of those who are there. The MSM has not. Just like it does not report the capture of more and more Iranians and Iranian devices as the struggle continues.

Michael made one other comment in part 2 which I will share:
People at home probably have no idea how much their little cards, letters, and goodie bags boost morale. Countless walls around Iraq are practically wallpapered with cards and letters. And soldiers and Marines do stop to read them. They especially love the cards from kids. There is nothing more uplifting over here than reading two dozen cards from kids who can barely hold a crayon, much less one of those fat pencils. If a kid sends a card, rest assured that card will be stuck on some wall somewhere and it will bring a smile to many a soldier and Marine.
There is a list of links to help support our troops at the top of my blog page. All are worthy programs. My personal favorite is Any Soldier. Go do something to let a soldier know they are remembered and appreciated. Then, go read the rest of Michael Yon’s article. It's well worth your time.