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--Robert Ricciardelli”

Friday, December 08, 2006

Never-Changing Islam

UN will aid Hamas…to the tune of $450 million. Why? There are only two reasons mentioned. Simply put the sanctions against the terrorist organization—and the govenerment it formed—and restrictions by the Israeli government have economically devastated Gaza. How about that? Hamas continues to kill, destroy, and refuse to get along with its neighbors…and they get rewarded for it!
(…thanks to Chris at Right Wing Right Minded for the news…)

Hezbollah urges defiance of the “western backed” government of Lebanon. One of the Hezbollah “grievances” is the current government did not do enough to cut off Israeli supply lines during the recent conflict. That, and the government continues to take an anti-Syrian stance. It’s really interesting that Hezbollah, just like Hamas, wants to blame everyone else for their problems. Let us not forget that Hezbollah egged on and instigated the recent attack into Lebanon by Israeli military forces. So, why should the government bail them out?

UN says Arab nations have changed little regarding treatment of women.

Arab governments have "announced a host of reforms targeting freedom and good governance," the report says. But "reforms often seemed empty gestures to cover up the continuation of an oppressive status quo."
It’s nice to see the UN does see a few things that are true…But, in spite of recognizing this element of Islamic hypocrisy, they still gave Hamas $450 million dollars and let them off the hook for their violence towards others.

Angel, at Woman Honor Thyself had a wonderful write up. It’s a another review of Islamic history and how they treat others—and demand to be treated.
(…here’s a hint…it has NEVER been a religion of peace…)

You can check out my write-ups on Islam as well, Here, Here and Here. I’ll repeat myself by saying there are those who belive that the Catholic Church will be the “One World Religion” of the anti-Christ. My personal opinion is it will be Islam.
(…take that for what it’s worth…)