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--Robert Ricciardelli”

Friday, October 27, 2006

Notes From The World Of Lacrosse

The National Lacrosse League (NLL) announced on October 5 their Game of the Week schedule. It will be broadcast on “VERSUS” (...formerly OLN—remember the NHL games from last year?...I hope it works better for the NLL and the NHL this year...). Game time is Saturdays, 10 PM Eastern—check your local listings.

Wow…I can remember…well, before it was the NLL (…the Major Indoor Lacrosse League…MILL…)…they actually had air time on ESPN and ESPN 2. But, with expansion, maybe they’ll gain some more market. Hopefully, it will grow the sport in the North Texas area. It’s already fairly strong—for a not football sport in Texas. (…football being the national religion of Texas…) Of course, I wouldn’t mind seeing an NLL franchise in Dallas/Ft. Worth!

On the subject of expansion, the Chicago Shamrox had their first open tryouts last week. Their first game this season will be against the also expansion New York Titans. The Titans open their camp this month, too. In most sports, two expansion teams going at it can be either really good or really bad. I wonder which way this will go. Anyone got thoughts?

Here was a cool set of stats. Check out this list of the all time loose ball leaders. There are some awesome players on that list. Try looking them up! You might want to check out the penalty minute leaders, too, while your poking around.

(…by the way…if anyone knows a really good college lacrosse web site, let me know where it is…I’m poking around a couple of them…but I’d love some recommendations…)