“The real problem is not that we are different, nor that we disagree and have conflict. It's that most of us automatically view conflict as something negative rather than as a tool God can use to help us better understand ourselves and one another.

--Robert Ricciardelli”

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

10/31 News

In checking out todays news, I first discovered that, yesterday, Kate Phillips wrote a very pointed article espousing the virtues of Nancy Pelosi. Now, I can actually agree with some of the charges leveled against Republicans—individual Republicans. But, what I find interesting is the political gamesmanship the Democrats accuse the Republicans of that they too participate in. And, the cry of those on the Left is the same shrill “FOUL” they complain that the Right makes. For all the charges of the Left that are true, there are those from the Right, too—such as this commenter on the post:

I truly love the logic of you people. If the Republicans win, it must be due to rigged voting machines - not the fact that despite the huge mistakes they have madem, the idea of a Democrat controlled Senate remains truly frightening to most mainstream Americans. And the rigged election stuff is great: wasn’t it in liberal districts in Philly that more voters turned out than were registered to vote in the 2004 election? Despite all the whining and complaining, was there ever any sort of ‘proof’ of wrongdoing in Ohio produced by a credible source? And of course there is the 2000 election - we’re still waiting for proof of that supposed theft. Perhaps if the Democrat party actually gave the American people real, legitimate alternatives (rather than spending their time whining and complaining about past losses), there would be no possibility of the Republicans retaining control this year.
(…There is an awful lot of truth in this comment that both sides need to pay attention to…)

Then, I found this over at Blackfive.
During a campaign stop to support the Democrat gubernatorial candidate for California, Phil Angelides, John Kerry spoke about Education...and Iraq:
“You know, education, if you make the most of it, if you study hard and you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, uh, you, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq.”
Now, that is scary—and makes me angry. The idea that lack of education is all that causes people to join the military and go to Iraq. Demographics studies have shown, that over all, our military is amazingly well educated. Talk about stereotyping! I thought Democrats were all against that profiling and stereotyping stuff?

If you want to check it out for yourself, Blackfive has an audio download link: John_Asshat_Kerry.mp3

John had a very amusing analysis of it over at Castle Argghhh. I’m still laughing my way through the discussion. Thanks John!

Michelle Malkin, as usual, has the biggest breakdown of Kerry’s latest stupidity, and some follow-up.

(...Meanwhile...in other news...)

The AP is reporting that U.S. Obeys Order to Abandon Checkpoints. The Iraqi government is flexing its muscle and telling US troops to leave checkpoints the militia stronghold of Sadr City. First, Maliki won’t crack down on them. Now, he’s refusing to let US/Coalition forces to do it either. Personally, I’m not expecting good news from this development.
(…I wonder what the Democrats will make out of that…)

Also in Iraq, a terrorist camera man, linked to Ayman Al Zawahiri, was arrested. Here’s the link to the raw video,
as posted at Reuters.
(…sure beats sniper video on CNN…)

And, the Labor Department is reporting that Wages and Benefits are up.
Wages and benefits paid to American workers rose in the July-September period at the fastest pace in more than two years.
Now, it is usual for industry and business to use a cycle of 3-5 years to adjust wages and such for their workers. They usually look at industry averages, local economy, etc. I would expect this to be the usual cycle. But, you want to bet the Democrats make a big outcry about this being some political move?
(…for the record, I know the announcement easily could be…but…so what…truth is truth…)

Speaking of politics and elections, American theater goers voted overwhelmingly against ”Death of a President”--the fictional assassination of President Bush. It grossed a measly $282,000 on opening weekend! Surprise, Hollywood! (…I mean, come on…even Sen. Hillary Clinton was against the film…that should have been a big clue…)

This AP report, via Yahoo, says the ration is 10 negative dollars to very 1 positve dollar spent on campaign advertising..
So far this campaign, the political parties have exposed voters to nearly $160 million in ads attacking congressional candidates. How much spent painting a positive image? About $17 million.
And, the Democrats seem to have outspent Republicans, although Republicans seem to be making slightly more negative ads.

Interestingly enough, the Media Research Center reported this:
A new study released today by the non-partisan Center for Media and
Public Affairs (CMPA) confirms the bias: more than three fourths
(77%) of ABC, CBS and NBC evening news references to Democrats this
fall have been favorable, while 88% of the coverage given GOP
candidates has been negative, an unprecedented disparity.
And this comes out right after ABC's Mark Halpern, speaking on The O'Reilly Factor admitted to media bias.
"If I were
a conservative, I understand why I would feel suspicious that I was
not going to get a fair break at the end of an election."
So where do the Democrats and other MSM folks come up with the idea that the media bias claims of conservatives are fiction? Can someone please explain this to me?
(...in a believable way, that is...)

Back at the AP, the Hubble Resue shuttle mission has been approved. The launch to repair the ailing telescope will go up in early 2008, and extend the lifespan through 2013.

In the Odd News of the day, there was this Reuters report of a dead woman winning re-election.
(…even I’m willing to admit there are a lot of screw-ups and problems due to individuals passing away…so, I’m sure this was just a paperwork issue…right?...)

Lastly, show your support for the military of our Canadian neighbors. Wear Red this Friday.