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--Robert Ricciardelli”

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Another Look At The Hockey World

Who’s headed for the Hall of Fame? SI gives a look at their thoughts over the next couple of years.

Despite his scoring struggle, the Flyer’s new GM (.. permanent…till the end of the season…) says Forsberg is not on the trading block. He also admits getting calls for some of the younger players.

”…but Holmgren said he'd rather keep some of that nucleus and build for the future. Still, he's tried to make the right deal if it will help snap Philadelphia out of its early season funk.

"Really, nothing has made sense," he said. "I think the worst thing we can do right now is make a bad deal."
I’m still expecting some movement. Barring a coaching miracle, it’s their only way out of the basement.

As if in vindication, the Flyers got a win! Let’s see if they can keep it up. It was a great way for Forsberg to return to the line-up. Meanwhile, Hitchcock may be going to Columbus? Well, if nothing else, Philly is a very interesting town. And, who knows? Hitch may be just what the Jackets need to get turned around….

Here are this week’s Power Rankings from Sports Illustrated. I think Dallas is finally feeling the loss of Steve Ott and the in-and-out Patrik Stefan. I look for their ratings to drop some more—before they get better. The Penguins have flattened out, and, of course, the Flyers are in the basement. Amazingly, the ‘Yotes are just above them—despite having the worst record in the league! (…if they could only learn to defend…)

And, for all the point aficionados and fantasy leaguers out there, here’s a look at The Hockey News’ list of who’s hot…or not.