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--Robert Ricciardelli”

Sunday, November 12, 2006

There Is A Liberal Plan To Impeach Bush


In light of this news report of charges being filed against Donald Rumsfeld, I am re-posting this entry from two days ago.

There was a great debunkinng of various lies about the administration and war policy--probably the best one written yet. Sadly, there is a very vindictive spirit at work in our nation. Unfortunately, the Republicans and conservatives are now going on the receiving end of what they have done for 12 years. And, below is my previous post--a good example of how far things could go.

This post is about how ordinary people can get Bush and Cheney impeached.
Sacks and sacks of mail are about to arrive in Nancy Pelosi's office initiating impeachment via the House of Representative's own rules. This legal document is as binding as if a State or if the House itself passed the impeachment resolution (H.R. 635). There's a little known and rarely used clause of the "Jefferson Manual" in the rules for the House of Representatives which sets forth the various ways in which a president can be impeached. Only the House Judiciary Committee puts together the Articles of Impeachment, but before that happens, someone has to initiate the process. That's where we come in. In addition to a House Resolution (635), or the State-by-State method, one of the ways to get impeachment going is for individual citizens like you and me to submit a memorial. ImpeachforPeace.org has created a new memorial based on one which was successful in impeaching a federal official in the past. You can find it on their website as a PDF. You can initiate the impeachment process and simultaneously help to convince Pelosi to follow through with the process. Do-It-Yourself by downloading the memorial, filling in the relevant information (your name, state, etc.), and sending it in. Be a part of history. Impeach For Peace.
Many Liberals are very well informed about how to use government for their own ends. It’s time for Conservatives to be just as informed—and learn to use the rules better than Liberals.

Some say that the voting was actually a Conservative tide, via the election of moderates. Here is a detailed look at how these elected officials stack up, from the Daily Kos. Then, Dean’s World has a link to a discussion of how the Centrists actually won the election. He also gives an explanation for why “Centrists” are actually a myth. Personally, I think we are just taking one step after another to force those in the middle to be one or the other. There once was a big Centerist group. But, little by little, they are being forced to chose one side or the other by our divisive media and culture.

Meanwhile, still over at Kos, here is a their opinion of
qualities the voters will be looking for in 2008

Are you wondering what the Liberal Senate have in mind? Mr. Neo-conservative has a start at figuring it out.

In something of a side issue, a judge upheld the standard rules of insurance. According to U.S. Senior District Judge L.T. Senter Jr., Katrina victims can only recover monies equal the value of the property lost .
"It is a basic proposition that insurance law is based on the principle of indemnification and is aimed at reimbursement," Senter wrote. "The benefit derived from insurance should be no greater in value than the loss."

The judge said Tejedor might recover more if he could prove punitive or extra-contractual damages.
He was appointed in 1979—during the Carter years. So, I wonder what the Liberals will do with this one?