“The real problem is not that we are different, nor that we disagree and have conflict. It's that most of us automatically view conflict as something negative rather than as a tool God can use to help us better understand ourselves and one another.

--Robert Ricciardelli”

Monday, November 13, 2006

News And In Memorium


The competition among us bloggers is over, though the off-line donations are still being totaled up. But, the good news is: WE EXCEEDED OUR GOAL!

Thank you to everyone who gave. Thank you to everyone who simply passed the word on to others. Thank you for those who prayed. In this lifetime, you may never know what you have actually accomplished. Here are the close of day numbers for 11/12/06 0012 (12:12 AM) Central (Day Thirteen):
Team Air Force: $39,663.10
Team Army: $46,395.00
Team Marines: $51,228.95
Team Navy: $46,997.12
Remember the over all goal: $180,000?

ACTUAL TOTAL: $184,283.07

Thank you, one and all.


First, it was Pelosi as Speaker. Now comes this frightening thought: she is pushing for Murtha as Majority Leader.

The NY Times says it’s Populism Over Ideology among the new Congressional freshmen. But, a careful read through the article makes it plain the opposite is closer to reality.

And then there was the new Andy Griffith story.
(…I’ll let this piece of election trivia against a Republican go without comment...)

And, in Middle East news, the Democrats are already pushing for withdrawls in 3-6 months. There has been enough said about how bad that could be in the end that I will not comment--except to say my heart is breaking for the Iraqi people.
(...and ourselves, in the long run...)

No big surprise, the Saudis are now crying about Iraq being a major terror base. They want a US presence. Why they do, and why we should listen to them, while they create and maintain the whole Wahabist problem in the first place I don't understand. Meanwhile, a terror suspect was recaptured in Afghanistan.
(...It seems the work is not done...oh, wait...was that another NOT big surprise?...)

And, yesterday, Hezbollah resigned from the Lebanese government.
Shi'ite Hezbollah, which claimed victory in its war with Israel in July and August, has led calls for a change in the government dominated by anti-Syrians from the Sunni-led majority bloc in parliament.
Among other things, they want a third of the ministerial seats. That block, plus one vote, can block any motion in cabinet. So, today, another pro-Syrian minister resigned. Unfortunately, that means the Lebanese tribunal can do nothing.
(…see?...Syria and company don’t want all of government…just enough to force getting their way…)

The conflict in Somalia will probably restart—as if it ever really stopped. The government rejected back channel agreements to re-start negotiations. With the Islamists already instituting Sharia Law in the remainder of the country, I doubt there is not much hope for a non-Muslim victory.
(…so...given the long term violence in France, I do wonder how much farther it will go on in that country before some Sharia Law concessions get made…)

Finally, on Veterans Day, Vietnam MIA 1st Lt Larry Hull made it home. He was laid to rest in Illinois, 35 years after being shot down in Laos.

Once again, at our house, we remember the cry of the warriors:
"Tell them of us and say,
For their tomorrow, we gave our today."
--The Kohima Epitaph--
We remember what you have given. And we say thank you for the tomorrows you gave others. May God give back to your family more than they have sacrificed and lost.

Welcome home, Lieutenant. May you rest in peace. And, now, we dance In Memoriam.