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--Robert Ricciardelli”

Friday, November 17, 2006

CNN Gets Some, And Other Commentary

Finally! CNN gets theirs for the sniper videos! According to the AP,

A Midwest hotel chain with several properties in Illinois has pulled CNN and CNN Headline News from its guest rooms and lobbies in response to the cable network's broadcast of an insurgent video showing Iraqi snipers shooting at U.S. troops....Supportive comments from guests have outnumbered complaints by a 3-1 margin, he said.
(...yeah, I know it aint much...just 10 hotels...but, you know what?...it's a great start...)

On the subject of MSM, do Democrats really want our troops brought home? They didn’t in November 2005. A vote of 403-3 defeated a Republican sponsored bill to do just that. It’s interesting that after that Pelosi and company began a media blitz about getting our troops brought home. So, with Murtha and the Democrats bluff called a year ago, why has the media not let us know about this?
(…couldn’t be a bias issue…could it?...)
(Thanks to Greyhawk for the reminder)

I think Michelle Malkin had the best take on the student tasing incident. I especially liked the e-mail from Joel. Yep…the cops screwed up, but not like you think. Check it out.
(...this one will probably get ugly...just like illegal imigration...and, of course, it's always the police who are at fault...right?...)

Meanwhile, the Dept. of Agriculture said that, nationwide, fewer people were hungry in 2005 than in 2004.
The department had waited until after Election Day to issue the annual report, prompting accusations from Democrats that the Bush administration was playing politics with hunger. Despite the positive news, the report is still drawing criticism, this time because analysts decided not to use the word "hunger" to describe how hungry people are.
How come the Democrats are upset about good news? What kind of political gains would maneuvering like this produce? Just strikes me as more pettiness from Democrats.
(…can I be not surprised, yet?...can I also be not surprised when Republicans do it, too?...And, I agree, using PC-friendly verbage “food insecurity” is just stupid…)

Between the sentencing for gang rape and murder, and the turncoat murder testimony off the record, this has been a dark day for military PR. In the first case, Specialist Barker seems to be taking the just punishment for his actions. He told the same basic story he told during inquiry in Iraq, too. One the other hand—the one the media is having such a field day with--PFC John Jodka testified without swearing in, in exchange for reduced sentence.
(…there is an honorable way to do this, and a dishonorable way...personally, I don’t have any sympathy for those who play victim to avoid punishment…any more than I have sympathy for those who play the race card when they break the law and don't want to suffer the consequences...)

Latly, Time is reporting that, despite the efforts of human rights groups, the Germans aren’t likely to try Rumsfeld in court. According to Time, though, it comes down to international politicking. So, they’re still casting blame and accusation.
(…trial by media...or is it "induced popular opinion"...is so wonderful…)